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Celebrating Festivals- Mint chocolate barfi

Mint chocolate barfi by Chinskitchen

Barfi is a classic Indian mithai served on several occasions. There are many different varieties of barfi some containing nuts, fruits or just plain milk. Barfi can be made using khoya/mawa, condense milk or full fat milk powder it is the Indian version of classic British fudge. We all enjoy a bit of indulgence and with so many varieties to choose from we are spoilt for choice.

As my husband suffers from nut allergies and many Indian mithais contain nuts I always aim to make some nut free varieties for him every year. Amongst many of the recipes I have made this is the first time I have made mint chocolate barfi and I was so pleased I went ahead with this flavoursome combination.
Dark chocolate is full of goodness (in moderation) and in this recipe it helps to balance the sweetness of sticky sugar syrup made to bind the milk powder. Subtle hint of ground cardamom blends with the cool peppermint infused creamy milk barfi.
My 6 year old who is the “critic” in our household had a bite of this and couldn’t keep away from the tray. He loved the mint chocolate flavour and has it as a after dinner treat.

This barfi recipe is adapted from Sanjeev Kapoors recipe online and so easy to follow. Unfortunately due to the nature of the process and to prevent any sticking or burning if the mixture I was unable to take pictures at every step but I will detail it for you at every step.

Makes about 12-15 pieces dependent on size cut.


170g Full fat milk powder
115g Sugar
75ml Water
50ml Milk
1Tsp Peppermint extract
1/4 Tsp ground cardamom
1/2 Tsp Ghee
200g Good quality dark chocolate 70%
Green food colour – I use gel colour


1. In a non stick wok/pan add the water and sugar and heat on high flame till you get a sticky syrup consistency about 5 mins.
2. Reduce the flame and add milk powder, milk, ghee, cardamom and mint extract. Whilst adding these ingredients continue stirring or else the mixture will burn or stick. Mix until all ingredients combined, add a few drops of green colouring and mix.
3. Transfer mixture onto greased tray or plate and using palm of your hand( please be very careful as mixture is very hot) or back of a spoon press the mixture into the tray or plate. If using a spoon make sure you grease back of the spoon at regular intervals or else the mixture will stick to the spoon.
4. Leave aside to cool completely
5. To melt the chocolate please temper, you can use microwave or Bain-Marie. I used Bain-Marie and seeding process, there are many online videos to demonstrate this technique. Key to this is patience as you want to prevent “bloom” effect on chocolate once it sets.



Why not wow your friends and family with these gorgeous home made barfi.

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