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Salted Pistachio and Chocolate Loaf

Salted pistachio and chocolate loaf by Chinskitchen

In small quantities, dark chocolate ( min 70%) is full of goodness well compared to milk and white chocolate anyway. I’m sure I can safely say for majority of us we always use this reason to overcome our guilty indulgence when we bite into a chunk of dark chocolate. A couple of days ago I was doing something similar when I thought of baking this combination. With an evening to myself and kids in bed I made myself cosy in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate and my ” 28 shelled Pistachios” allowance, yep only 28 as part of my slimming world plan but I relished every one of those 28. The salted pistachio and dark chocolate seemed to marry up really well and to be fair sea salt and dark chocolate has been quite popular together with salted caramel and they taste absolutley divine.Back to my mug of hot chocolate, as the creamy hot chocolate was travelling down my throat after snacking on the pistachios, the sweet and salty flavour was lingering on my palete and I really liked it. Go on treat yourself to a piece of this cake it may leave you wanting more but i’ll leave that decision to you.


Makes One Loaf


240g Self raising flour
40g Roasted and salted pistachios- de-shelled
10g Cocoa powder
100g 70% good quality dark chocolate roughly chopped
130g Dark muscavado sugar
110g Caster sugar
240g Margarine suitable for baking
4 Large eggs
10ml Milk

To decorate:

100g melted white chocolate
sliced pistachios – amount depends on how much you want.


1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degree C or 160 for fan assisted. Grease the loaf tin really well.
2. In a pestle and mortar roughly grind the pistachios so you get a mixture of chunks and smaller pieces.
3. Sift flour and cocoa powder together, take a tablespoon of flour mix and add it to the pistachios.
4. Cream the maragrine and sugar till creamy and light, add the eggs and mix until incorporated.
5. Fold in the flour and cocoa until you get a smooth batter but be careful not to overmix.
6. Fold in the pistachios and chocolate and pour batter into the loaf tin.
7. Bake in teh middle shelf of oven for 50-60 mins, inserted skewer should come out clean.
8. Cool the cake in the tin for 5 mins before turning it out onto a wire rack.
9. Once the cake is completely cool drizzle it with white chocolate and sprinkle with pistachios.

Put your feet up and enjoy a slice of this cake, with crunchy salted pistachios and dark chocolate pieces cutting through the sweet loaf you will drift away into a land of your own. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee or simply on its own.


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