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Nutmeg Spiced Rich Chocolate Cheesecake

Last week, as well as it being National Baking Week, it was also chocolate week. For me it’s like Bakers Heaven and my kitchen turns into my paradise of relaxation, the gorgeous and lingering scent of melted chocolate throws me back to my teenage years when everything around me contained or resembled chocolate. I had… Continue reading Nutmeg Spiced Rich Chocolate Cheesecake

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Paanch Dhal with Barley

Lentils are a staple dish in Gujarati cuisine, from a young age I remember we had a different variety of dhal for lunch daily. For vegetarians, lentils not only provide protein but it’s also healthy depending on how you make it and filling. To me cooking with lentils is easier as I can mix it… Continue reading Paanch Dhal with Barley

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Diwali Delicacies: Badam,Pista Chocolate Palmiers

Now that our nine days of Navratri¬†is over, we have the sparkling festival of lights Diwali to look forward to. All those who celebrate this joyous festival will now have preparations in full swing from making mountains of sweets and savouries to adorning their homes with colours,rangoli patterns and lights. Diwali is only two weeks… Continue reading Diwali Delicacies: Badam,Pista Chocolate Palmiers

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Healthy Option: Creamy Sweet Chilli Fusilli with Edamame Beans and Red Chilli

Who doesn’t love a bit of creamy pasta, it’s one of my husbands favourite and when I’d ask what pasta sauce do you want he would always choose creamy white or cheese. As usual I would make a thick white sauce at home using butter, flour, milk, spices and herbs. To make it a healthier… Continue reading Healthy Option: Creamy Sweet Chilli Fusilli with Edamame Beans and Red Chilli

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Candied Ginger and Orange Bundt Cake with Saffron Chocolate Ganache

Wow the title is long but hey that’s what this cake is all about. As it’s National Baking week from 14-20th of October I’m literally going through my list of items in my personal recipe book. To be honest this wasn’t even on that list but I came across a big bag of candied ginger… Continue reading Candied Ginger and Orange Bundt Cake with Saffron Chocolate Ganache

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Cinnamon and Cardamom Infused Plum and Orange Jam

Nothing comes close to the satisfaction of consuming home made jams, preserves or chutney especially when the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing flavour combinations. A few years back when I was running my cake business not only were the cakes home made, the different flavours of jams used were also home… Continue reading Cinnamon and Cardamom Infused Plum and Orange Jam

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Beetroot and Coconut Filo Parcels

Visiting my parents is usually a treat for me, why? Well my dad being the “green fingered man” he always sends me home with a variety of fruit,veg or herbs he has grown. This time round it was big juicy beetroot and when I say big they were BIG, whilst en route home my buzzing… Continue reading Beetroot and Coconut Filo Parcels