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Chocolate Mukhwas Medallions

Chocolate Mukhwas Medallions by Chinskitchen

Mukhwas is a colourful mix of coconut, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, corriander, sweet spice and oils mainly peppermint that is eaten after a meal to aid digestion and freshen breath. The first time I tried this mukhwas and chocolate mix was back in 2010 in Africa. Since I left Kenya in 1992 there was no reason for me to go back until 2010 when my cousin whom I have grown up with was getting married, re visiting Kenya after 18 years was a shock to the system but nonetheless exciting. After so long I was going to be meeting uncles, aunts, family friends and cousins. My cousin’s wedding was an outdoor setting at a safari lodge ( yep animals were roaming freely but during the day we didn’t see any) and his reception was another outdoor event at Nairobi Museum. The decoration was elegant, drapes of soft materials sweeping across your face, live music to tap your feet to, decadent food to touch your senses and company of wonderful people to enjoy the night, I feel like I am re living those moments in this post. On our table there were dainty little organza bags filled with chocolates, I bit into one expecting a plain chocolate flavour but oh no my senses got confused as it was mukhwas combined in chocolate. I dissected the chocolate just to confirm what I was tasting was real. Although my senses and mind were confused and apprehensive at first, I wanted more, why? Purely because that blend worked so well together, the sweetness of chocolate balancing the mukhwas spice and added crunch from mukhwas provided an exhilarating experience. The second time I tried mukhwas chocolate was at the Cake and Bake show this year when I stopped at The Choclatier by Aneesh Popat’s stand. If you want to try chocolate made with water and chocolate then you have to try his creations, I love his flavour combinations although wild and wacky, they are bursting with flavour and combinations that actually blend well together.

It was these experiences that inspired me to make these little treats at home. They give that wow factor but only take a few minutes to make. If you want to make quick home-made chocolates then give these a go, they will make wonderful little gifts or last-minute treats if you have no chocolate selection boxes left spare.


Chocolate Mukhwas Medallions:

Makes 20-30 dependent on size
Preparation time:15 minutes
Making time: 10 minutes

100g Milk chocolate
Sugar coated fennel seeds

1. Break up chocolate into equal pieces and melt in Bain Mare.
2. Take parchment paper, use a circular ring or small bowl to make 20 -30 round circles on the parchment paper.
3. Turn the paper over so that the pen side is facing down but you can still see circles through the other side.
4. Spoon melted chocolate into the circles, pour a little at a time or else it will spread beyond the template.
5. Sprinkle mukhwas on some of the chocolate and sugar-coated fennel seeds on the other.
6. Let them cool down before serving or gift wrapping.

1.You can use a variety of toppings such as dried fruit, nuts, sprinkles etc.
2.If you want to flavour the chocolate, add mix flavouring into the melted chocolate before pouring.




Easy yet effective little treats.

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