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Black Turtle Bean Dal Makhani served with Millet and Wholewheat Roti’s.

Black Turtle Bean Dal Makhani served with Millet and Wholewheat Roti’s by Chinskitchen

In this cold, wet, wintry weather there’s nothing more comforting than delicious dal that is nutritious, filling and tasty. This recipe is my personal twist on the universally recognised Dal Makhani. If you have ever tasted this dal dish, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Dal makhani is slightly different to the usual tarka dal’s in terms of ingredients and process, the original method of cooking dal makhani is a very lengthy process and uses a lot of butter and cream with black urid dal and red kidney beans. Do you like the sound of this but are thinking I’d love that taste but without all the added fats and definitely a shorter cooking process? Then this recipe is for you, it’s quick and simple to make yet leaves your senses awakened with all that fresh ginger, garlic and spices. It makes a great accompaniment to any indian meal or even enjoyed on its own as soup to warm you up.

Black turtle beans in Dal makhani? Yes this is another personal twist, so far I have only ever come across turtle beans in Latin American, Mexican ,Portuguese and Spanish cuisine never in Indian. Black turtle beans have a lovely dense texture, they are rich in fibre, protein and slow release carbohydrates making it suitable for diabetics. The addition of  Millet and whole wheat flour roti’s completes this delicious meal.  Millet is starchy, packed with vitamin B, calcium, iron, magnesium,zinc and potassium. Millet itself is gluten free however, in this recipe it has been combined with whole wheat flour purely for taste, texture and raising properties. So here it is a hearty and delicious meal packed with goodness.

Black Turtle Beans Dal Makhani served with Millet and Whole Wheat Rotis

Preparation time: 10 minutes (doesn’t include time to cook turtle beans)
Cooking time:35 minutes
Serves: 4


30g Butter
2 Star anise
1 Tbsp cumin seeds
4 Whole cloves
3-4 Small Cinnamon sticks
3 Cloves garlic minced
60g Grated ginger
1 Medium onion finely chopped
1/2 Tsp minced green chilli
1/2 Tsp red chilli powder
1/2 Tsp turmeric powder
1/4 Tsp ground nutmeg
1 Medium tomato chopped
2 Tbsp tomato puree
Salt to taste
500g Cooked turtle beans
350ml water
Dash of lemon juice to taste
Handful of fresh coriander chopped
1 Tbsp Cooking yogurt or greek yogurt


1. Melt butter in a pan over low/medium heat, add the cumin seeds, star anise,cloves, cinnamon sticks, onions, garlic, ginger and green chilli. Fry these off for 2 minutes stirring to prevent sticking.
2. Add the turmeric, nutmeg and chilli powder and cook for a 1 minute.
3. Add in the chopped tomato, tomato puree, beans, salt and water. Stir and let simmer for about half hour.
4. The dal should start to thicken, add lemon juice to taste. Sprinkle in some chopped coriander and stir.
5. The dal is ready, prior to serving stir in the cooking yogurt and sprinkle the rest of the chopped coriander.
6. Serve this delicious dal with rice or roti’s.

Millet and Wholewheat Roti’s

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Resting time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: varies


1 Cup wholewheat chapati flour plus extra for rolling.
1/2 Cup Millet flour
1 Tbsp oil
3/4Cup warm water


1. In a bowl mix both the flours and add oil, using your fingers mix in the oil and flour, you will get a flaky/crumbly texture. Pour half of the water and knead with your hands, increase the quantity of water whilst kneading thoroughly to form a soft but not sticky dough. Cover and leave aside for about 30 minutes.
2. Break off the dough into 6 even pieces.Using the palm of your hands roll these into balls.
3. Place a roti pan/tava on low/medium heat.
4. On a chappati board or a clean surface, sprinkle a bit of flour, take one piece of ball dough, dunk it in some flour, place it on the surface and roll it out into a circles about 2mm thickness. During the rolling process you may need to sprinkle more flour to prevent sticking.
5. Place on the heated pan and cook one side, once you start to see the bubbles forming, turn the roti over and cook. Use a small towel or folded kitchen towel to press the roti for it to puff. Remove off the pan and spread ghee on it if required.
6. Carry on with the next piece of dough until all finished.

Serve these delicious hot Roti’s with the protein packed dal.


5 thoughts on “Black Turtle Bean Dal Makhani served with Millet and Wholewheat Roti’s.

    1. You are very welcome and thank you for such a lovely comment. To make just wholewheat rotis omit the millet flour and use only one cup of wheat flour to that you will only need about half cup water. Good luck and please share the pictures if you do make it 🙂


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