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Choco-nut Banana Bread

Choco-nut Banana Bread by Chinskitchen

Honestly I did not know what to name this banana bread which is packed with a variety of delicious ingredients it has coconut, cocoa, banana and peanuts see it’s got you thinking hasn’t it? This punchy banana bread is deliciously moist, chocolatey and with a hint of paradise, a perfect slice for a cold afternoon.  A few months back I was sent some exciting products from Sugar and Crumbs to sample in my baking, they are a company who specialise in a delicious and fabulous range of natural flavoured icing sugars and cocoa. It seriously is good stuff, I was delighted to have received  different flavoured icing sugars  such as strawberry milkshake, chilli lime and pear drops. In addition they also sent me the gorgeous chocolate coconut cocoa powder which has been used in this recipe, their website is full of yummy flavours so please head over and check it out.

One of the second ingredients (peanuts) in this recipe was kindly sent to me by Chika’s, they specialise in artisan snacks, to read all about their products please click on the highlighted link, her story behind her hand produced snacks is heart warming. Chika sent me her hand toasted  peanuts, one with skin and the other without skin. These peanuts are lightly sprayed with a salt water solution before being toasted by hand, there is no oil or additives used in her methods. Once I tasted these peanuts it actually took me back to Africa and brought back lovely and happy memories of how my grandma used to roast peanuts. They are crunchy and light with just a hint of salt, absolutely amazing. Hiding those packets was the best option or else they would not have made it into this delicious banana bread.

Now with  having all these wonderful ingredients in my hand, it would be a shame not to use them in a good bake and that’s how this recipe was concocted. The taste of bananas in this bread is subtle as the combination of peanuts, cocoa and coconut blend in so well to take the edge off it.

Choco-nut Banana Bread

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Baking time: 50-55 minutes
Makes one bread


170g Light brown sugar
170g Butter at room temperature
3 Large eggs at room temperature
2 small over ripe bananas mashed
30g Chocolate coconut cocoa powder from Sugar and Crumbs ( can substitute with plain cocoa powder)
30g Dessicated coconut
170g Sifted self raising flour
30ml Milk
45g Chikas no skin peanuts roughly pounded in a pestle and mortar. Leave two tablespoons of peanuts aside.


1. Preheat oven to 180 degree C or 160 for fan assisted. Grease a loaf tin.
2. In a mixer, cream butter and sugar till creamy, add the eggs and mix until smooth. Add the bananas and mix.
3. Mix in the coconut and cocoa. Pour in the milk and mix.
4. Fold in the flour and peanuts until combined with the rest of the ingredients. Do not over stir.
5. Pour the batter into the loaf tin and sprinkle the rest of the peanuts on top.
6. Bake the banana bread for 50 minutes, insert a skewer if it comes out clean the bread is ready, if not give it another few minutes.
7. Once baked, remove from the oven, leave in tin for 5-8 minutes before transferring it onto a wire rack to cool.


Serve these slices warm or cold and bite into a piece of tropical paradise 🙂

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