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Strawberry milkshake cupcakes

Strawberry milkshake cupcakes

Thick creamy ice cream whizzed with fresh strawberries enjoyed on a warm sunny day hmmmm definitely one for some of this wonderful weather we’ve been blessed with over the past week. Ice cream based milkshakes have been a childhood favourite and ideally would always choose chocolate but when Carol from Sugarandcrumbs sent me their Strawberry milkshake flavoured icing sugar I couldn’t resist the temptation to break open the packet and bake these scrumptious cupcakes. Another inspiration for these came from the thick and creamy shakes I have indulged in over the weekend ย ;).If you haven’t yet tried the tempting range of flavoured icing sugars Sugar and crumbs have to offer then you really are missing out. The taste is immense and texture is smooth and creamy. Baking and creating cakes for over 5 years I’ve come across a variety of sugar based products and this by far is the best when it comes to flavoured icing sugars on taste, texture and the best part is they are white so allows you to control how much colouring to add.

If you fancy baking something quick and tasty then these are definitely one to try, all ready in under an hour literally from start to finish.These pretty cupcakes will bring a smile to anyone you offer them to, they make a great treat for any party or gatherings or why not bake some for kids afternoon tea? ย Go on tease your taste buds with these pretty delicious cakes :).


Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes

Makes: 12
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Baking time 20 Minutes


180g Butter/margarine at room temperature
180g Caster sugar
3 Large eggs at room temperature
2 Tbsp Strawberry Nesquick powder
190g Self raising flour
35 ml Whole milk

For Strawberry Icing

250g Butter at room temperature
250g Sugar and Crumbs Strawberry milkshake icing sugar ( I only had 250g hence used extra 100g of plain icing sugar. I would recommend using 300g of strawberry milkshake flavoured icing sugar to maximise on taste.)
100g Icing sugar
2-3 Tbso Milk
Pink food colouring- I only use paste or gel as a small amount gives you the colour required and doesn’t compromise on texture


1. Pre heat oven to 180 degree C or 160 C for fan assisted oven. Line your muffin tin with paper cases.
2. In your mixer or using a handheld mixer, cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
3. Add beaten eggs and mix until you reach a smooth mix, of it looks curdled, add a tablespoon of flour and beat into a smooth mix.
4. Fold in flour,nesquick and milk until well combined. Avoid over mixing the batter.
5. Using a spoon or a traditional ice cream scoop, scoop the mixture into the prepared muffin tin.
6. Bake in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes.
7. Once baked, remove from the oven, take out the cakes from the tin straightaway and place on wire rack to cool. By doing this you will avoid your cases from peeling.
8. To make the icing, beat the butter and icing sugar until creamy and all the sugar is well incorporated, add food colouring and milk and beat for 2-3 minutes on high speed.

9. Once the cupcakes have completely cooled down, you are ready to ice.
10. You can choose your icing methods, you can spread or create swirls using a open star nozzle. To create the swirls, fit the nozzle in a piping bag, fill it with icing and decorate you cupcakes starting from outer circle and completing in the middle.

11. These cupcakes will keep for up to 3 days in an air tight container in a cool dry place, to be honest they won’t last that long if you have lots of takers ๐Ÿ˜‰


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