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Polka Dot Minion Birthday Cake


Two birthdays in a space of one week wow definitely exhausting but the smiles of happiness and content over rule this exhaustion any day. I’m sure many parents reading this go through the whole “the type of Cake I want for my birthday mummy is..” 6 months before their Birthday and it changes several times before they settle on an idea.  Well in a way I’m lucky as my Son would gracefully tell me the theme and stick to it, makes it a bit easier for preparing and hand modelling sugar craft designs. This years theme was the Minions, he is a Despicable me fanatic and finds the minions absolutely hilarious.  Whilst recovering from an operation the design had to be something that can be prepared before hand and assembly of the cake should not take long. That’s when the idea of this cake came round, obviously to make it slightly different, the thought of cake pops hidden inside the cake seemed fun and achievable. Honestly, making this cake was so much fun, my son helped with the decorating and when it was cut, the look on the kids face was amazing. A cake that is effective yet soft, moist in texture and delicious in taste, what more could you want? I was also very pleased that I could use my Nordicware cake pop pan absolutely brilliant.


This post will not demonstrate how I made the Minions. To do this I used coloured sugar paste and various tools. For guidance I used a minion toy.


A finished cake by Chinskitchen

Polka Dot Minion Birthday Cake

Please note there are various stages to preparing this cake so please read each section of ingredients and method.

For the cake pops


73g Butter at room temperature
73g Caster sugar
1 Large egg at room temperature
73g Self raising flour
35g Plain flour
Yellow gel paste colour
Blue gel paste colour


1. Pre heat the oven to 160 degree C or 140 for fan assisted. Grease and flour the cake pop pan, tap the excess flour off.
2. Cream the butter and sugar until creamy and fluffy, mixture should change from a yellow to a whitish colour.
3. Add the egg and whisk into a smooth mixture. If it’s curdles, add a tablespoon of flour and mix into a smooth mixture.
4. Fold in the flour until incorporated.
5. Half the batter in two bowls, in one half stir and mix yellow colour and other half mix in the blue colour.
6. Spoon the mixture into the cake pop pan, cover and bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

7. Once baked remove from the oven, leave for 5 minutes before removing the cake pops from the tin. You may need to use a sharp knife just to assist lifting the cake pops from the sides.
8. Transfer onto wire rack and allow them to cool.
9. Once they have cooled down completely, use a sharp knife to carve off excess batter leaving a smooth round cake pop.

Vanilla Cake:

150g Stork or alternative
150g Caster sugar
5 Large eggs at room temperature
155g Self raising flour
2 Tbsp milk
1.5 Tsp vanilla extract


1. Pre heat oven to 180 degree C or 160 for fan. Grease your 10 inch cake tin, I use cake release spray. alternatively you can line your tin.
2. Cream margarine and sugar until creamy and fluffy, add eggs bit at a time mixing thoroughly after each addition. The mixture should be smooth.
3. Pour in the milk and vanilla extract.
4. Fold in the flour until incorporated but do not over mix.
5. Pour some batter into the tin, enough to line the bottom of the tin. Take your cake pops and arrange them in a circle as shown in the picture. Place one cake pop in the middle of the tin. Pour the remainder of the batter into the tin.





6. Bake the cake in the middle shelf for 65-75 minutes. Use a cake tester or toothpick to check that the cake is cooked, the Pick should be clean.

7. Once cooked, remove from the oven and let it sit in the tin for 5 minutes before transferring it onto a wire rack to cool down.


Vanilla Buttercream

300g Butter at room temperature
550g Icing sugar
2 Tbsp water plus extra if required
2 Tsp Vanilla extract


1. In your mixer cream the butter, sugar and vanilla extract until incorporated. Using a spatula scrape the sides of the bowl and cream the mixture whilst adding water. I allowed the mixture to cream for about 4 minutes on high speed, in between, I was scraping down the bowl. Your butter cream should look really fluffy and colour should have changed from yellow to whitish.

For the cake decoration
21 bars of two finger kit kats
2 Medium size bags of chocolate M&M’s or chocolates of your choice
1 small bag of galaxy minstrels.

Assembling the cake

1. Once the cake is completely cool, use a sharp serrated knife to level the top and sides of the cake trimming of any excess.
2. Place a small amount of icing onto your cake board, position the cake on the board.
3. Using a spatula start applying a layer of butter cream, I use an angled spatula and run it under water to help smooth the icing.
4. Once you have a sufficient layer of icing start decorating the side of the cake with kit kat fingers.
5. Once the kit kat fingers have covered the sides, sprinkle chocolate M&M’s and minstrels to cover the top of the cake.
6. Tie a ribbon around the cake and complete with your choice of decorations.


Just about managed to get a snap shot of the cake inside 🙂

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