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Glenn Cosby’s Bake It Big Tour Review

London poster


Who would have thought gag reflex and tassels would be associated with baking? Confused? Intrigued then visiting Glenn Cosby’s Bake it Big Tour is a must. A show that brings to you comedy, baking and lots of cake (larger than life) under one roof, oh and not to forget audience participation 🙂

So what’s it all about?

When I first received a personal invite from Glenn to visit his show as his guest and review it I was only too pleased to say Yes. From his website you get a brief intro on what the show is about – Live baking with the audience  and to expect lots of cakes.  The London show included a guest appearance was  by the glamorous and wonderful Charlotte White from Restoration Cakes  and Oh Boy we were in for a real treat.

The night started off with meeting lots of wonderful and humble people all eager to be part of this wondrous show, we had delicious scones with cream and jam, decadent  peanut butter chocolate cupcakes all made by the man himself. As you can see fingers were too busy enjoying these scrumptious delights that the camera didn’t make it out the bag for this first part ;). Both Glenn and Charlotte were among the crowd and taking time to welcome and talk to everyone there.

Both Charlotte and Glenn complimented each other and the night was partly presented in a “Burlesque” style and the other half definitely “larger than life”. Glenn unfolds his personal journey in life in a very natural and light hearted manner, which I must say is never easy but he was a natural. A personal journey about his relationship with food and baking.



So you ask what to expect on the night well here’s a quick list:

  • A night of extreme entertainment yes that includes tassels, adult humour and his addiction to salted caramel 😉
  • A night of fun, frolics and laughter – expect your cheeks to be sore from the laughter!
  • Larger than life
  • Anecdotes
  • References to GBBO
  • Audience participation- make sure you have arms of steel 😉
  • A cake from start to finish, from preparation to decoration
  • Making caramel and spun sugar ( expect to get a bit messy if your too close to stage 😉 )



  • IMG_2941


Glenn and Charlotte were fabulous together and they both were great hosts and presenters, it definitely was a night to remember! If you haven’t been to one of these tours then please visit. You can always join Glenn’s mailing list or visit his website to find out about further dates and shows. Finally as Glenn says “Bake it Big or go Home!


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