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Fresh Fig and Apricot Muffins

Until a few days ago I disliked Figs purely due to a bad experience a few years ago when I consumed dried figs, however, my husband loves figs and tends to eat them on their own or in porridge.  I purchased these gorgeous figs in my regular shop and took the chance to try fresh figs. One… Continue reading Fresh Fig and Apricot Muffins

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Bounty Brownies

When I think Brownies, I think chocolate heaven and to be honest who doesn’t. Every bakery, coffee shop or tea rooms have brownies available. A big bag of bounty bars in my cupboard inspired me to bake these lovely brownies, I took some to my cousin’s house for Afternoon Tea, and they went down very… Continue reading Bounty Brownies

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A Scent of Rose

The use of rose in various forms such as rose syrup, rose water , rose essence and rose petals has been used in culinary cooking for many years. In Indian cooking it’s mainly used when making Indian sweets and sherbets.The strong but sweet smell of rose always attracts my senses and incorporating it into my baking is an exotic way… Continue reading A Scent of Rose