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Glenn Cosby’s Bake It Big Tour Review

Who would have thought gag reflex and tassels would be associated with baking? Confused? Intrigued then visiting Glenn Cosby’s Bake it Big Tour is a must. A show that brings to you comedy, baking and lots of cake (larger than life) under one roof, oh and not to forget audience participation 🙂 So what’s it all… Continue reading Glenn Cosby’s Bake It Big Tour Review

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Iced Sugar Cookie Pops

Following on from those spooky Halloween sugar cookies we made a batch of cookie pops. I have been meaning to bake cookie pops for quite some time but actually never got round to it. Whilst rumaging through all my cake decorating box I came across a pack of cookie sticks and my son “stated can… Continue reading Iced Sugar Cookie Pops

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Healthy Option: Aloo Tikki Chaat

A couple of years ago when I started feeling really sluggish,tired and overweight my plan of healthy eating kicked in, not only for me but for the whole family. Since then I seldom make fried foods or use excess oil, majority of my cooking is made with a low calorie spray or very little oil.… Continue reading Healthy Option: Aloo Tikki Chaat

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Cardamom infused lime and coconut cake with white chocolate ganache

Wow the last few days have surely been so busy .Last month I submitted this recipe of mine into the Clandestine Cake Club competition for The Cake and Bake Show which is happening this weekend. A couple of weeks ago I received an email saying my recipe made into the final 10 and I had… Continue reading Cardamom infused lime and coconut cake with white chocolate ganache

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Bounty Brownies

When I think Brownies, I think chocolate heaven and to be honest who doesn’t. Every bakery, coffee shop or tea rooms have brownies available. A big bag of bounty bars in my cupboard inspired me to bake these lovely brownies, I took some to my cousin’s house for Afternoon Tea, and they went down very… Continue reading Bounty Brownies

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Guilt Free Veggie Platter

Since a young age I have been a huge fan of chips in fact anything made of potato be it Jackets,wedges, hash browns, bhajis or anything else I can think of. When I moved to the UK I remember staying with my Aunt and Uncle and one day when my aunt and mum mentioned the… Continue reading Guilt Free Veggie Platter