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Mother’s Day: Spiced Earl grey and Chocolate Bundt

Throughout the year we have many special days to celebrate and although I agree every day is a celebration, these dates makes a person feel just that extra special and why not! When it comes to Mother’s day usually I would get told make sure you put your feet up but we all know this never… Continue reading Mother’s Day: Spiced Earl grey and Chocolate Bundt

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Launch of Chinskitchen Online Store 2016

  Following an overwhelming local success, ChinsKitchen is proud to Launch an online store to reach out to a wider audience. ChinsKitchen,  a range of delightful treats with a difference, an enchanting range of Indian inspired Bespoke Artisan Cakes and Nankhatai that deliver a truly unique taste experience.  Our products are free from any artificial… Continue reading Launch of Chinskitchen Online Store 2016

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Fennel and Orange Shortbread Biscuits

  Traditional shortbread never fails to please anyone whether you want a buttery melt in the mouth biscuit, dunking biscuit or just a taste of sugar and butter treat, yes unfortunately it doesn’t do justice to your waist line but I go by the rule of “everything in moderation”. Isn’t it amazing that there are… Continue reading Fennel and Orange Shortbread Biscuits

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Free from Fridays: Gluten free, Egg Free Mini Raspberry and Orange Cheesecakes

Do you sometimes fancy dessert but want something that’s refreshing or light? Well I am so excited to share this recipe post with you honestly this biscuit base is to die for, light, melt in the mouth, crumbly mmmmmm so tasty and it’s gluten free. Initially this blog post was going to be purely about… Continue reading Free from Fridays: Gluten free, Egg Free Mini Raspberry and Orange Cheesecakes

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Rich Cocoa and Fennel Seed Cookies

  Have you tried this combination before? If yes isn’t it a beautiful match and If not then you are missing out. Although, it all depends on your palate and whether you savor the flavour of fennel as it’s a bit like Marmite you either love it or hate it, purely due to its aromatic and licorice… Continue reading Rich Cocoa and Fennel Seed Cookies

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Iced Sugar Cookie Pops

Following on from those spooky Halloween sugar cookies we made a batch of cookie pops. I have been meaning to bake cookie pops for quite some time but actually never got round to it. Whilst rumaging through all my cake decorating box I came across a pack of cookie sticks and my son “stated can… Continue reading Iced Sugar Cookie Pops

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Halloween Sugar Cookies

Firstly Happy Halloween to all, I bet households are preparing well for all the Trick O Treaters tonight. This week as it is half term I am finding the best way to keep my son entertained is to engage him in cooking or baking, I must say that baking at the moment is winning over cooking. This week we… Continue reading Halloween Sugar Cookies

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Gujarati Baked Masala Crackers

Gujarati Baked Masala Crackers by Chinskitchen In Indian cuisine there is no shortfall on the variety of snacks available, as time has gone by I have seen a dramatic change in how they are adapting a lot of these snacks to make them healthier. Back in 2005 when I visited India with my family, I came across… Continue reading Gujarati Baked Masala Crackers

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Chai Spice Butter Biscuits

Another sweet but spicy delight for you, amongst my long list of recipes to make I have a section on cookies and biscuits. Chai spice was second in line to my previously baked M&M cookies. I was only glad to come across idmuchratherbakethan  hosted by Laura who runs a monthly biscuit barrel challenge. Every month she… Continue reading Chai Spice Butter Biscuits

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Cookie fun- Chocolate Bean Cookies

On Saturday I took my son with me to the cake and bake show and his best part was to decorate a cookie and eat it of course. We went round a few stalls and made a few purchases one of my favourites was the Billington’s hut where I got to taste different types of sugars… Continue reading Cookie fun- Chocolate Bean Cookies