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Halloween Sugar Cookies

Firstly Happy Halloween to all, I bet households are preparing well for all the Trick O Treaters tonight. This week as it is half term I am finding the best way to keep my son entertained is to engage him in cooking or baking, I must say that baking at the moment is winning over cooking. This week we… Continue reading Halloween Sugar Cookies

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Meetha Paan Cupcakes

Yes the title does read Meetha Paan Cupcakes but seriously don’t be alarmed as it is a tried, tested and cherished sensation. Paan is a mouth freshener made with the preparation of betel leaf in combination with other ingredients and tobacco. Paan is commonly chewed in Asia and countries where Asian population is present. In… Continue reading Meetha Paan Cupcakes

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Gujarati Baked Masala Crackers

Gujarati Baked Masala Crackers by Chinskitchen In Indian cuisine there is no shortfall on the variety of snacks available, as time has gone by I have seen a dramatic change in how they are adapting a lot of these snacks to make them healthier. Back in 2005 when I visited India with my family, I came across… Continue reading Gujarati Baked Masala Crackers

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Rose Water and Cardamom Infused Penda

Penda’s are delicious creamy and rich in flavour Indian sweets (Mithai). Some say its Indian fudge. Main ingredients for penda are khoya (which is a milk product usually made with either dried whole milk or milk thickened by heating) , sugar, ghee, nuts and spices mainly cardamom and saffron. In our home Penda’s are loved… Continue reading Rose Water and Cardamom Infused Penda

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Spicy and Sweet: Roasted Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

This week I am on a mission to use up all the food I have available in my fridge before my next big shop. Over the past few weeks I found myself throwing away some fruit and vegetables that I could have easily made a meal out of and it really upsets me especially as… Continue reading Spicy and Sweet: Roasted Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

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Baking with Kids- Quick Bread Rolls

About a week ago, my 6 year old son came home with so much excitement and joy, he couldn’t wait to get through the front door to show me the bread roll he made at school. The pride on his face was priceless, it was the first time he said he wanted to eat his… Continue reading Baking with Kids- Quick Bread Rolls

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Red Hot Sweet Chilli and Coriander Jam

Firstly let me point out that this isn’t they type of jam you would slather on toast and eat however, if you are one who can stand that amount of heat then for sure give it a go but please be cautioned. A couple of years ago I made my first jar of chilli jam… Continue reading Red Hot Sweet Chilli and Coriander Jam

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Nutmeg Spiced Rich Chocolate Cheesecake

Last week, as well as it being National Baking Week, it was also chocolate week. For me it’s like Bakers Heaven and my kitchen turns into my paradise of relaxation, the gorgeous and lingering scent of melted chocolate throws me back to my teenage years when everything around me contained or resembled chocolate. I had… Continue reading Nutmeg Spiced Rich Chocolate Cheesecake

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Paanch Dhal with Barley

Lentils are a staple dish in Gujarati cuisine, from a young age I remember we had a different variety of dhal for lunch daily. For vegetarians, lentils not only provide protein but it’s also healthy depending on how you make it and filling. To me cooking with lentils is easier as I can mix it… Continue reading Paanch Dhal with Barley

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Diwali Delicacies: Badam,Pista Chocolate Palmiers

Now that our nine days of Navratri is over, we have the sparkling festival of lights Diwali to look forward to. All those who celebrate this joyous festival will now have preparations in full swing from making mountains of sweets and savouries to adorning their homes with colours,rangoli patterns and lights. Diwali is only two weeks… Continue reading Diwali Delicacies: Badam,Pista Chocolate Palmiers